WATCH: Can Online Study Tools Be Considered Cheating?

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The pressure to ace final exams is leading some students to finding other means of studying.

College students across the nation log online to websites like Noteswap, Chegg and StudyBlue for study help. However, some people are questioning if these sites can be considered another form of cheating.

“A lot of them have good example problems and stuff like that, I like to base off of and find ones that are similar to what the teacher puts on the study guide,” Brendan Costner, electrical engineering junior, said.

Nearly a third of the faculty at over 300 colleges and high schools reported students using these tools to cheat, according to The Center for Academic Integrity.

“I personally don’t use those websites, because all of the things we learn in college is just preparing us for our future,” Victoria Smorodinova, freshman finance major said, “I rather just learn it the first time to help myself in the long run.”

Whether or not the tools are a form of cheating is still a debatable topic, but for now students are continuing to use them.

“I don’t really see it as cheating, or that they should have any rights to stop it,” Costner said.

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