SHE IS MORE: 7 Ways To Talk Like A Queen

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In order to be a queen, you have to talk like it. Even when you don’t believe it yet, talking out what you want can change everything. Proverbs 18:21 boldly proclaims that the power of life and death is in the tongue. That means that the words we speak out have the power to uplift, change and direct the course of our lives, our feelings and relationships. They also have the power to destroy, mute, hurt and stop us from the life we are intended to have. A situation may look bleak right now, but that doesn’t mean we have to dwell on it and keep talking about it as it is. You can use the power of your words to direct the change you desire.

The way we talk reflects the content of our hearts and it influences the transformation of our hearts. As the King’s daughter, it is imperative you make your speech a priority to truly match your royal identity.

God created the world by speaking words. Imagine the life you can create with your words, especially when they are in agreement with God’s Word.

The Bible shows us how to speak as a Queen.

1. Decree a thing: Job 22:28.

To decree something is to declare a word with certainty, confidence and boldness as a statement, not a question. In Job 22:28, God says to decree a thing and it shall be established and the light will shine on all your ways. Take an assessment of how you have been talking. Speak truth over yourself instead of lies. When I was preparing for Miss USA, I spoke about winning, what that moment would feel like and moving to New York City the next day. I never spoke with uncertainty or doubt. How are you talking about your dreams? Speak about them decidedly and things will start moving in the spirit realm.

2. Be silent:

There are so many verses that advise us to be silent and to guard our mouths with diligence. The world teaches us that it’s okay to vent and that we should say what’s on our minds. As a matter of fact, people take to facebook to vent to the masses. But it’s destructive, not biblical. As a queen, you don’t get to just spew out whatever is on your mind, especially when it isn’t positive, constructive or productive. A queen is wise and guards her mouth with all diligence especially when there isn’t anything good or Godly to say. Proverbs 29:11 says: “A fool gives full vent to his spirit, but a wise man quietly holds it back.”

3. Be encouraging- 

A queen uses her words to edify, uplift and encourage people including herself. Her speech is always gracious, peppered with gratitude, joy and highlights. You can’t wish and hope to be in a position of leadership if you don’t speak like a leader. A leader doesn’t get distracted by setbacks, resistance or attacks by talking about them as they are. A queen helps others see what God has in store for them, what God is doing in a situation and reminds them who they are.  A queen is also gracious to herself.

4. Be covering;

One of the biggest ways I see a change in my heart and day is when I refrain from talking about an offense someone inflicted. I think it’s our nature to want other people to be on our side when we have been wronged so we let other people know about it.  But God calls us to a higher leveled response than succumbing to our nature. We have a new nature in Christ, but we have to choose to act in it for it to become more and more our natural response. A queen always acts in love and love is trusting, not fearful. Because a queen trusts God, she is able to cover an offense by not talking about it. (Proverbs 17:9.)  A gossip stirs up division and separates close friends. Sometimes this might be your goal, but it only hurts and stops you from being in union with God.

5. Be genuine and sincere:  

The easiest way to speak out righteousness is to have a pure and righteous heart. I have found myself praying and contemplating how and what to say to someone in confrontation. One day I finally realized that I was focusing on the byproduct rather than the root. I needed to change the way I saw them in my heart, I needed to see them with love. Once I changed my heart towards them, the words flowed naturally from a place of truth and love. All it takes is prayer and asking God to show you how He sees someone.

6. Be Pure:

The lowest form of humor is crude, perverse and degrading. We are surrounded by so much crude talk every day that it can feel innocent to adapt that kind of language as well. But our King made us for more than that. Why talk about impurity, degrade yourself and others with sick humor when you can be the vessel who ushers purity?

7. Be Gentle:

It’s important to have good timing and a right spirit in our words. Sometimes speaking the truth in love may come at a wrong time for someone else causing friction. If you are meant to confront someone, the Lord will give you a peace on when to move on it. Until you get that peace, stay silent and wait on the Lord.

A woman who talks like a queen attracts people to her confidence, boldness, faith and kindness. You were born to be a queen, you have everything it takes to be a leader in the words and way you speak.

Talking like a queen = The Sparkle Effect.

via: She is More.

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