New method to dispose of unwanted prescription drugs

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators and law enforcement agencies have partnered to create a program that allows residents to get rid of unwanted prescription medications.

“Teenagers used to get their drugs from the street,”  said Federal Investigations Manager Kandyce Cowart. “Today, if they want drugs, they’re looking at our medicine cabinets.”

Teenagers age 12 to 17 abuse prescription medicine more than any other drug, according to the National Association of Drug Diversion.

To help put a stop to prescription drug abuse, the new program is providing safe drop boxes at police stations across the state.

Anyone who has unwanted medications can go to their nearby station and rid themselves of potential harm with no worry.

“Anytime that they look in the medicine cabinet and think…’Oh, I’m not using this medicine’ or ‘I never finished the bottle,’ we’re going to want them to take it to one of our disposal sites,” Cowart said.

Visit to find out more information about the program.

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