Their ticket, Forward, includes students from various organizations on campus, including years of experience in Student Government.

“We have seen so many great things go through Student Government that have benefitted the students and improved our campus,” Landry said, “But we want to go one step further and move Student Government and LSU forward.”

The Forward ticket lists many of their proposed initiatives on their campaign website. One of their plans is to notify students of contraflow traffic on campus during game days and extend the Tiger Trails bus system to run after football games.

The duo also said they plan to improve the voice of LSU students at State Capitol.

“What we are going to do is send a Student Government representative down to the state legislature everyday that they are in session, that’s for the rest of this year and for next year’s session,” Faircloth said.

The campaign is also proposing to improve vending machines, Alex Box Stadium and more.

To find out more information about the Forward ticket, visit their website: Forward-2016.