How Important is Online Presence to Small Businesses?

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Long story short…ONLINE PRESENCE IS EXTREMELY important!

As I continue to grow in my knowledge of digital branding as the Online Presence Strategist for Wireless I.Q.,LLC. I can’t stress enough the importance of having an online presence to small businesses. *Also, notice I did say “continue learning,” because I believe ANYONE who is a digital marketer or considers themselves an expert in the business, must be willing to continue learning to ensure that their client’s will receive the best possible success because the digital world is constantly changing!

With that being said, some might be thinking…”What exactly makes up your online presence?” For a business, the two biggest factors that I would say makes all the difference is SEO and SEM.

…S -E-whaaaat?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which essentially means increasing your website’s visibility in search results. For example, when you search for youR business in Google, Yahoo, etc…does your business’s name appear on the first page? second? at all?

Studies show that nearly 1 in 4 shoppers have changed their minds WHILE IN A CHECKOUT LINE at a store after looking up details of their purchases on their mobile phone! Optimizing your website and your business for these search engines is a MAJOR factor when it comes to enhancing your online presence.

What about SEM? SEM is short for Search Engine Marketing, which is basically marketing to Internet users through search engine results, page listings and paid advertising placements. Some stores have seen a 122% increase in store visits after creating inventory ads online, according to Google. *ONLINE PRESENCE=SUCCESS*

Now social media I would usually classify as a separate sector from online presence, however, I thought it would be helpful to explain a little bit about the importance of monitoring your brand across social media platforms, as well.

In any given month, approximately 1.28 BILLION people are active on Facebook, which means that YOUR CUSTOMERS AND POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS are ONLINE! Building relationships and meaningful relationships is so crucial!

To measure the success of your social media platforms you must have a clear, defined goal and metric to accurately target the specific audience that will benefit from the services your business provides!013aa230-375b-47fa-8eca-6f42e01a31b6-original.png

Now all of this might sound like a mouthful…but here’s the easy part, there are people who can handle all of this online presence mumble jumble for you!

AKA: ME! As well as many others who work for digital branding agencies. I highly recommend small businesses to consider investing in their online presence, so that customers will continue to invest in you! 🙂



Want to talk social media. SEO & SEM for YOUR business?!

Contact me here: or check out all of the services we provide at: Wireless IQ




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  1. Rhonda Bernard

    This is a very accurate assessment!!
    Your knowledge of the statistics are on point.


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