10 SEO-Friendly Blog Post Ideas


When it comes to writing blog posts, the format is just as important these days as the content. Users want articles that are not only relevant to what they are searching for, but also easy to read, engage with and share with their peers.

Here are 10 types of blogs that both search engines and readers enjoy:

1.) Lists

If you are reading this post, then you’ve got all the proof you need to know that lists work. They allow for users to easily skim the highlights of content and still get the main idea, which is crucial in a generation that is busier than ever.

2.) Do’s & Don’ts

Similar to lists, do’s & don’ts break down the content that users want to know the most in an easy to read format. These perform especially well for sharing travel and cooking tips!

3.) Frequently Asked Questions

How many times have you Googled a question and others related to your initial question pop up that spark your interest? Your answer is most likely every time. This is because Google has recognized that most users are interested in content related to what they are searching for in that moment, and blog posts with FAQs provide users with just that.

4.) How To’s

We’ve all been there…you decide you want to try something new for the first time, what do you do? Google how to do it! This is what makes these tutorial type blogs a huge success across all industries, especially those with a niche.

5.) Reviews

Review style blogs are super popular with content related to products, services and businesses. Word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most powerful ways to influence people and even though most people today are making most of their decisions by searching online, they are still searching for advice from others, which makes blogs with reviews and recommendations a huge hit.

6.) Ultimate Guides

The most relevant content to what a user is searching for, the better, which is why sharing an “ultimate guide” of everything related to one specific topic is a great way to reach niche audiences.

7.) Guest Posts

Featuring a post from another blogger on your own site is a great way for you to extend your reach by offering a new perspective to your existing readers, as well as tap into their audience. Plus, it’s a win for them too by increasing their referral traffic – which helps major with SEO! 🙌

8.) Glossaries

A lot of industries use specific jargon that may not be obvious to the general public. Writing a glossary-style blog post is a great way to educate users on what some of those phrases are and their importance.

9.) Checklists

Similar to a regular list, except in a “To-Do” format, checklists that allow people to easily follow along and check off items to complete tasks are a great tool for users who are looking for ideas how to plan and organize trips, events, goals and more.

10.) Recaps

Recaps work well for content related to past events as a way to inform users of what occurred if they were unable to attend and/or watch. These work great for events such as educational classes, webinars, sporting events, award shows, etc.

Bottom line: any style blog can be successful as long as it’s user-friendly, helpful and relevant to what your target audience is searching for online.

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