5 Questions You Should Ask When Hiring A Social Media Manager

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79% of people say that user-generated content on social media significantly impacts their purchasing decisions. {Stackla}

Just let that sink in.

This statistic should be of no shock to anyone after seeing the direct impact that social media has had on all of our lives in 2020, especially business owners. In today’s digital-first world, most business owners are aware of the importance of having a presence on social media and have figured out that managing it themselves is extremely time-consuming and ineffective.

However, even knowing this, many business owners still find themselves unsure of where to start when it comes to finding AND selecting the right team {or person} to manage their social media presence for them.

…and when you add in the growing number of online automation tools, freelancers, national and local agencies available to choose from, how do you, as a business owner, know what to look for?

Here are five questions that any social media manager or digital marketing agency worth considering should be able to answer:

1. What Platforms/Channels Do You Recommend For My Business?

Every business is different, so the platforms that are utilized should be different too! Any experienced social media manager should be able to steer you in the right direction when it comes to deciding which platform(s) are best suited for your industry, location and target audience.

2. What Strategies Will You Use To Generate Leads And How Will You Track My Return On Investment (ROI)?

There is no one size fits all when it comes to social media strategies. A successful strategy should be custom to fit your brand voice and goals. Qualified social media managers should be able to outline specific strategies and tactics that will feed directly into the generation of leads for your business. Measuring the return on investment (ROI) on social media platforms can be a complete job on its own and usually involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) such as follower count, likes, shares, comments, mentions, impressions, clicks, click through rate (CTR), reach, share of voice, conversion rate (CR) and more!

3. How Do You Deal With Negative Reviews And Mentions?

Managing reputation is a HUGE part of what social media managers do! Any person or team vying for the role should be able to provide specific examples of when they have had to reply to negative reviews or mentions online for clients in the past so that you can see firsthand what their approach was and if their response worked in their client’s favor or not. The role a social media manager plays in controlling your brand’s narrative is CRUCIAL when it comes to avoiding potential PR disasters and cancel culture.

4. How Do You Stay On Top Of The Latest Trends And Platform Updates?

Social media is constantly changing. Managers must be able to stay on top of the latest algorithm and industry changes, as well as frequently update their strategies to ensure that they are following best practices to keep your business ahead of the game.

5. What Is The Most Important Job Of A Social Media Manager and What Does Success Look Like?

Ultimately the job of a social media manager is to be the “listener” for your business so that you don’t have to! A social media manager should be constantly monitoring your audience’s conversations, brand mentions and competitors to see how you can take part of or lead the conversation to get more leads to your business. Success in social media will vary for everyone so make sure to do your own research and find a team {or person} that you trust to get the most return on investment. 

To sum it up —— A successful social media marketing manager should be able to:

  • Create a scalable game plan catered to you
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Determine your specific goals 
  • Track the progress of your goals
  • Measure the performance of your goals and overall social media presence through KPIs

Sounds like a lot? Trust me, I know! 😩 …but hey, we can help!

I work with a pretty creative + strategic + funnnnn 🤪 team who can take over the social media for your brand or business and implement a plan that aligns with your vision and goals.

Chat with our digital marketing team at Torapath Technologies by clicking here. Our team {and pet fish, Tora 🐟} can’t wait to meet you! 


I want to hear your thoughts! xoxo

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