Matthew 7 & The Law Of Attraction | What You Should Know

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If you are a Christian and fan of the Law of Attraction (which states that our thoughts control our reality) like myself then I’m sure you are all too familiar with Matthew 7:7 which states:

“Ask, and you will receive; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you.”

Wow. Every time that I read this verse I remember just how good our God is. Jesus literally told us in the Sermon on the Mount that if there is something that we desire, all we have to do is simply ask him for it!

Isn’t that amazing? In Matthew 7:7 the Bible confirms that the Law of Attraction is a Godly mindset.

Our mind controls our life.

If there is purpose that you know God has placed into your life, all you have to do is ask him to show you how to to fulfill it then trust him to follow those steps.

Now obviously this is a lot easier said than done, but being a very intuitive person myself, I truly believe that most of us can just “tell” what step we should take in each of our lives. We just have to follow our gut and actually do it.

With all of us stuck in self-quarantine, why not take this time to self-reflect and spend some alone time asking God what it is he wants to use your life for?



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  1. Chef 24/7

    Awesome word I love it


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