5 Christian Influencers You Should Know About | My Favorite Blogs, Podcasts & Youtube Channels

Anyone who knows me knows that I always try to read, listen or watch something positive every morning (emphasis on try***) as I have seen first-hand the difference that it makes in my productivity level, how I treat others, myself and most importantly my relationship with God.

The more I grow in my faith, the more I want to share the writers, speakers, artists, pastors, influencers, etc. that have helped me to grow in my Christianity.

After all, spreading the love of Jesus is what it’s all about, righttttt! 🙂

Here are some of the top content creators I recommend:

Tony Gaskins

I was recently recommended Tony Gaskins on YouTube *randomly* and when I tell you their algorithm was spot on – I mean SPOT ON! He speaks from a place of authenticity, understanding and most importantly a man of God’s perspective that is both relatable and necessary in today’s world.

I just recently ordered his newest book with his wife, A Woman’s Influence, and can’t wait to read it!

Watch his YouTube Channel: https://bit.ly/31fHeMo

Living Fully with Mallory Ervin

I was recommended this podcast by my friend Katie, and when I tell you it’s a must – IT IS A MUST! Mallory, along with other guests on her podcast, dive into the topics that we are all thinking, yet never know how to talk about. 

Listen to her Podcast: https://bit.ly/3eAErRP

Transformation + Elevation Church

I honestly have the same amount of love and respect for both pastor Michael Todd (thanks Karli…& Davidddd) and Steven Furtick that I felt the need to mention them together.

Check out any sermon from either church and you will see exactly what I mean ~ no explanation necessary!

Watch Transformation Church on YouTube: https://bit.ly/31heKBS

Watch Elevation Church on YouTube: https://bit.ly/2Vlc02D

Set Apart Girl by Leslie Ludy

My friend, Haley, played this podcast on a trip to Houston once and ever since I’ve been in loveeeee. Leslie speaks from a true biblical perspective and doesn’t hesitate to call out any of the sinful actions of our earthly desires. 

Listen to her Podcast: https://bit.ly/3eBq2oi

The Glow Up

This is a no-brainer! Haley is one of my closest friends, as well as one of the most influential people in my life. She inspired me to grow stronger in my faith during my last 2 years of college and I can’t put into words the impact it has had on me and my family.

I was ecstatic when I found out her blog was live, as I know she can resonate with so many.

Read her Blog: https://bit.ly/3eBs9bE

Let me know if you have any other recommendations or favorites of your own!